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E-mail Marketing 101 with Jon Stewart

*embedded clips are from cable, viewer discretion is advised*

You can always learn a thing or two, even in the most unexpected places. This time it comes from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In the clip below, he discusses President Barack Obama’s use of social media and e-mail marketing --

The take-away from this? Communicate truly.

Sure, when you are dealing with blogs, tweets, status updates or e-mails, you want the message to fit general expectations for the platform (140 characters or less, etc.); however, if you try to ‘fit in’ and twist your message into something that doesn’t coincide with who you are, it will present as ‘fake’ or ‘spin’ or ‘PR speak’ and you will lose credibility in the new media space. Understand the platform and the space in which you are operating, but don’t stray from who you are or try to pretend to be something you are not.