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”We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the choice is how well we do it.” — Erik Qualman
When someone mentions interactive media or Web 2.0, more often than not, you think of social media. Arguably the most visible and widely known of the interactive media tools, social media is the likely starting point for any interactive media campaign. A high number of participants increases the odds of a successful venture into interactive media -- more people means a better chance of getting a decent ROI.
People are clamoring for this, ... [fans] want to be communicated with, not at
One driver behind the use of social media is it giving organizations the ability to pull an end-around on traditional media, allowing them to present their message on their terms. In addition, it is a means to enhance brands, building and strengthening a connection with fans that is irresistable to sponsors. By helping fans connect to one another, in turn adding value to fans' online experiences, you strengthen and deepen their connection with the team.

Before we rush headlong into the social media arena, a few tips for using social media effectively:
  • offer behind the scenes access
  • directly engage fans
  • stay away from airing beefs/complaints on your social media
  • develop a comprehensive plan
  • get trained
Utilizing social media to build your fan base gives a great return on investment. Build awareness using your most passionate fans acting as evangelists, creating limitless social actions
We'll take a closer look at the major players when it comes to social media as well as some rising stars.