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Terms2Know - Blogs

Blogosphere -- term used to refer to all blogs of the Internet, taken as a whole; the online community of all blogs and bloggers
Blogroll -- sometimes seen as blog roll or blog-roll (n)1- a list, located usually in the sidebar, of links to blogs that the author of the blog recommends/enjoys/follows; 2- software, application or program that maintains and manages this list of sites, tracking updates to blogs listed
(v) to add a blog to such a list
Linkback -- term for the multiple alert system protocols that notify the original author of a blog post when their post linked to or being referred to; three linkback methods -- trackback, pingback and refback -- each with a different mechanism to produce a notification; trackback and pingback can sometimes be seen being used interchangeably
refback - requires no special code, but relies on someone actually clicking the link
trackback - has all the information for the linking server within the notification, but is more susceptible to spam; used to refer to when another blog posts something related to the original post (or references the post) without an explicit link back to that post
pingback - less prone to spam; used to refer to when another post links to the original article
Permalink -- short for Permanent Link; the unique URL for a single blog post, where that content will always be found, where it will permanently be stored; used when you wish to link to a specific post instead of the blog in general
RSS -- abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication. Usually referenced as an RSS Feed, a format that delivers frequently updated content such as blogs and news. Provides a way to stay informed by pulling the latest content from multiple sites and compiling it in one place.
Troll -- (n) someone who posts comments with intentionally inflammatory language, with the sole purpose of starting intense debate and eliciting a reaction from other readers/commenters
(v) the act of posting such comments online, fishing for a reaction from others