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Do you know where your 'fans' are?

As more and more individuals migrate to the online world, organizations have to rethink their media strategies, accounting for new interactive media technologies, to stay in touch with their fans and grow the fan base – going to where the younger fans are, engaging them on their playing field – the basic goal always being to get "fans through the door."

*Before we go any further, let's clarify the definition of fan we're using here. Most think of sports when the word fan is used, and that is true here as well. But fans aren't just limited to sports. Clients, customers, donors - essentially anyone who supports your organization, whatever it may be - business, sports team, non-profit charity, etc. - is a "fan."

Yet, just using interactive media for the sake of having it is not enough. Ineffective use, lackluster design and overall poor execution of an interactive media strategy can keep businesses, teams and non-profit organizations from reaching their goals as much as it can help.

A thorough examination of interactive media technologies to weed out what works, what doesn't and what ultimately will be beneficial to achieving core goals – increasing revenue, growing the fan base, promotions, et al – is essential before embarking on an interactive media strategy. With all that it takes to run an organization - from a mom-and-pop store to a multinational corporation, from a local charity to a national non-profit, even a professional sports team - who has the time for that level of research?

That's where we come in.

Welcome to The iMedia Playbook.