Custom Digital Marketing, Social & Interactive Media Consulting

What We Will Do For You:

We here at The iMedia Playbook will start with an in-depth analysis and conversation with you about your organization’s needs and goals when it comes to leveraging interactive media. It is crucial to have a clear picture of what you are expecting to gain by using interactive media and a way to measure accomplishment. We will thoroughly research your fan base, not only for demographic information but to determine their needs and wants with respect to their relationship with you. We will collaborate with you and your organization to ensure that interactive media is the right set of tools to satisfy your goals and the needs of your fans. We will script the plays for your organization, charting a course, outlining what interactive media technologies we will utilize and how we will leverage them in the most effectively way possible. What your organization will receive is a comprehensive game plan, a customized playbook for your interactive media campaign, a unique iMedia Playbook tailor-made for your organization to maximize its effectiveness.

Why This Matters To You:

It’s all about keeping up with the changing landscape. More and more people, including your 'fans,' are living an increasing amount of their lives online. To remain relevant and visible in that changing media landscape, one has to be able to meet those 'fans' (especially the next generation of fans, the younger 'fans') where they are working and playing, and more often than not it is online. With that increased amount of online living, their expectations for what they will experience shift in an Internet-like direction -- one where they are in control of what they look for, what page they go to next and who and how they communicate. To catch their attention and bring them into your 'fan base,' you have to engage them on their field, on their terms. With the right strategy, you can effectively leverage the interactive media tools and technologies to position your organization for incredible marketing and growth potential.