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Hall of Fame MVPs

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Lady Gaga

The music sensation often known for her off-beat fashion and antics, Lady Gaga has truly embraced the interactive nature of social media, using it to connect to her millions of fans.

Around mid-May 2011, Lady Gaga became the first Twitter user ever to reach the 10 million follower mark. She thanked her 'little monsters' with the following --

imedia consulting hall of fame mvp lady gaga

It's not just Twitter either (which is featured prominently on her website's home page). Lady Gaga has amassed over 36 million Facebook 'Likes' as of this writing. Lady Gaga even teamed up with Zynga, maker of popular Facebook games like FarmVille, to create GagaVille as part of the promotion for her latest album, Born This Way.

A network of websites --,, -- all with social media integration, it is no surprise that the 'mother monster' is the first to be honored as a Hall of Fame MVP.

imedia consulting hall of fame mvp lady gaga 30 million
UPDATE: October 2012

Lady Gaga continued her iMedia record-setting ways, ways that earned her the inaugural HoFMVP honor, by being the first to reach 30 million followers on Twitter. She reaches the 30 million mark after hitting the 20 million mark just months before in March 2012 (also being the first to hit that milestone).

Not content to rest on those laurels, Lady Gaga opened up her social network back in July 2012. Simply put, is an "online haven for Lady Gaga fans lets them create or share Gaga-related content, mingle with other 'Little Monsters' and publicly show whether they like what users are posting" ( 10/7/12). Done in conjunction with BackPlane, has been described as having a Pinterest look with a voting functionality similar to Reddit ( 10/7/12).

We here at The iMedia Playbook are extremely interested to see how her new social network and her continued growth on other social media platforms will influence and assist Lady Gaga's other pursuits, like the Born This Way Foundation and its A Body Revolution. No doubt she will continue to utilize iMedia in HoFMVP style, advancing her causes and her popularity to new heights.

Photo illustration from (Illustration by Mashable's Jeremy Cabalona; photo courtesy of Lady Gaga's Instagram)