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Terms2Know - YouTube

Annotation -- dynamic overlay controlled by the uploader of the video, allows for the overlay of text and to make portions of the video screen 'clickable' with links (can only be links to/within; the uploader can add/delete and edit annotations, controlling text, timing, placement and the link URL; useful in linking to another video related to the content displayed, other channels run by the same uploader, as a way to go forward/backward in a series of videos
Channel/Channel Page -- the public page for a particular user account on YouTube, in the same vein as the Facebook Profile page; page displays any videos uploaded by the user, any playlists created, any channel comments, any videos ‘liked’ or ‘favorited’ and general activity on the channel/of the user; a single user can be responsible for content (creating, managing, etc.) across multiple channels
End-card/End-slate -- graphic at the end of a video created by the user; widely accepted best practice to include one on a video, particularly with produced/professional videos; usually contain some form of calls to action for the viewer - subscribe, view another video, head to another channel page; may also contain credits for the video; accepted best practice to make use of annotations here to accomplish the 'calls to action'
Favorite -- (n) an option for each piece of content (video) that allows the viewer to add the video to their channel's 'favorites' playlist
(v) the act of selecting the option, adding the video to your channel's 'favorites' playlist; can be broadcast out to subscribers in the feed
Feed -- the activity stream for one channel (the channel page feed) or multiple channels (homepage feed); in the same vein as the Facebook News Feed, Twitter stream; activity published in the stream - uploads, playlists, comments (channel and video), subscriptions, bulletins, ‘likes,’ ‘favorites,’ sharing; users in charge of what activities they broadcast in their feed, and via subscriptions, what activities are broadcasted to them
Like -- (n) an option on videos that allows users to show their agreement with/approval of/positive response to said content
(v) the act of selecting that option to openly show your agreement with/approval of/positive response to the related content, can be broadcast out to subscribers in the feed
Playlist -- collection of videos; created by the user, can be viewed, shared and embedded similar to an individual video; can be made using any videos on YouTube; videos can be in more than one playlist; default playlists on user channels include 'uploaded videos,' 'likes' and 'favorites'