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Terms2Know - Foursquare & Swarm

Check in (v) Check-in (n) -- (v) the central activity of Swarm; the act of entering/posting (and thus sharing with your friends) that you are currently visiting a particular place (a venue)
(n) what is produced when a member posts that they are currently at a particular place (a venue)
Expertise -- earned as a reward for leaving quality tips in Foursquare; can be earned in a particular location or category; awarded based on number and quality of tips written (tip quality measured on views, saves and likes); once earned, expertise makes a user’s tips more prominent and are labeled as coming from a user with expertise
Follow/Follower/Followers/Following -- to follow (v) a user on Instagram is to choose to see their Instagram photos on your home screen; doing that makes you a follower (n) of that Instagram user, just as someone who chooses to see your photos is your follower (n); your followers number is how many users who have chosen to see your photos, your following number is how many users you have chosen to see their photos
Friend -- people you know/people you have chosen to connect with; when you check in to a venue, you share your location with your friends
Location/Venue -- term for a given place on Foursquare/Swarm – a specific business, a general location, a residence, etc.; members check-in to venues, posting where they are currently located
Neighborhood sharing -- feature in Swarm that allows users to share their general location/area with friends
Taste(s) -- a defined list of preferences (“tastes”) within Foursquare for particular food items, cuisine styles and environmental aspects; new users and first time users of the new Foursquare are shown a listing of words/phrases describing preferences (“tastes”) that they can choose from, adding to their profiles and letting Foursquare know what they like; tastes can be changed at any time, and users are free to add and remove tastes from their profile as they wish
Tips -- short message (200 character limit) posting left by members on any given venue’s Foursquare profile page (can include a URL to link to more information, can include a photo); Tips can be recommendations, warnings, basically any information a member wishes to share with others that may improve a visit to a particular location; Users can also set an expiration date (specific length of time or specific date) for their tips (particularly helpful when tips are about a particular event or promotion that will end)