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Marketers are relying on and will continue to rely on social media because of its cost effectiveness and its reach

Below are links to examples (and my 'first blush' analysis) of uses of interactive media.

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American Apparel -- multiple postings; not clearly marked on home page
ONE -- frequent posts, good use of visuals, clean design
Google -- good use of writers from across the company
United Football League -- UFL Buzz with blog posts from several contributors, hidden under the News navigation tab
LFL360 -- Central news/media hub; articles, blog postings, videos, radio programs; some players make use of a third-party site,
Miller Lite (Multiple pages, different applications)
Miss Sprint Cup (Sponsor leveraging via personalities)
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Red Bull and Red Bull USA -- video front and center, prominent feature of the sites -- dedicated, comprehensive video page; YouTube channel (no obvious link to YouTube channel from league page, but link to league page from YouTube channel) -- a few promotional videos; more well-known for their risque TV commercials which are also featured on the site (CEO & Founder Bob Parsons also maintains a video blog)
Lingerie Football League -- consistent placement, clean and intuitive interface & Women’s Professional Soccer-- dedicated video section
Online Communities:
OPEN Forum -- American Express online community for small businesses -- online community for the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL and -- pair of sites act as a central hub for health and wellness information -- community section for fans to join, fans of all things NASCAR
LFL Fanzone -- online community for fans, players, coaches, officials; features blogs, photos, videos
Check out Kodak and Luxor to see how a company spreads its presence across multiple online platforms
To see what integrating multiple social and interactive media together in one portal looks like, check out
To see how NASCAR is working to integrate social and interactive media, check out this article